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Bat5 Digital Detector Now has MEMS Microphone

Bat5 Digital Detector Now has MEMS Microphone

Our very popular Bat5 Digital Bat Detector now has been further improved by adding a wide viewing angle display with a deep red backlight. Red is softer on the eyes and so helps maintain good night vision whilst maintaining excellent display visibility day and night. The wide viewing angle means that the display maintains contrast and clarity when viewed in any direction.
We've also improved the appearance with a matt finish green surface and a crystal clear display window.
The performance has been further improved by changing the microphone to one using MEMS technology. This has enhanced the frequency response by increasing the sensitivity especially at the higher frequency part of the ultrasound spectrum.

Bat Detector Kit Upgraded

Our ever popular Bat detector Mk2 kit has just been improved. We have redesigned the circuit board to make assembly much easier. The new board carries a printed component layout, and a space for mounting the led power indicator has been incorporated. More information in the Kits section Bat2 Kit Details, where the constructional information can be downloaded.

Magenta Microstepper Kit

Magenta Microstepper Kit

Published in EPE Magazine May 2009 issue
Time flies, but our Microstepping driver board is still very popular. Many have been used to drive mechanical workshop CNC machines:
Achieve smooth motion control of 4 Phase Unipolar motors with this advanced microstepping driver. Efficient PWM current control provides up to 1/16 step operation - giving 3,200 steps per revolution with a standard 200 step per revolution motor. Maximum current can be adjusted by multiturn preset from zero up to 3 Amps. Step mode selectable to 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, or 1/16 by plug in links. Logic level Opto-Isolated Inputs compatible with computer parallel (LPT) ports. Full kit, and construction details, plus computer connection information, and simple demonstration software supplied.

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