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Bat Detector Mk2 Electronic Kit

Online Catalogue | Electronic Kits |  Bat Detector Mk2 Electronic Kit

Bat Detector Mk2 Kit

Bat Detector Mk2 Kit

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Price: 42.67 (35.56 + VAT)


Our Popular Self Assembly Bat Detector Kit - Supplied with a punched case, circuit board with printed component layout, and all components

This interesting and absorbing kit helps to detect study and identify bats. It is a "heterodyne" circuit which mixes a tuneable oscillator with ultrasound emitted by bats, to produce an audible output. Thus the ultrasound is processed to generate audio signals which the human ear can detect. 20 to 110kHz tuning range. Front facing loudspeaker output.

This excellent design is very successful and gives outstanding performance. It is used throughout Europe by Bat Enthusiasts, Conservation Groups and Naturalists. The kit is supplied with a punched case and a foil printed self-adhesive front panel label.

It has a powerful audio output (1 watt) making it ideal for group use, and an earphone socket is provided as well. Entertaining and fascinating, the kit includes full assembly instructions. Soldering and practical assembly skills are required to put this kit together successfully.
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Online Catalogue | Electronic Kits |  Bat Detector Mk2 Electronic Kit